This Inspiring Chef Left a High-Paying Dream Job to Serve the Poor at the Salvation Army (VIDEO)

(Photo: Screenshot/ABC News)

Jeff Ansorge was living a chef's dream. After graduating from culinary school, he rose the ranks to become Head Chef at a premiere restaurant in Minneapolis. With a staff of 17 and an ample salary, he was on top of the world. But like Solomon in Ecclesiastes, he found it meaningless.

"I wanted the high-paying job. I wanted the big house. I wanted the cars," Ansorge told the Associated Press. "And ultimately, none of that satisfied me."

So, Ansorge quit the American Dream and got a job serving the poor and homeless at the Salvation Army Eastside Corps Community Center. He took a massive pay cut, but gained what looks like his dream job.

"I get to practice my faith and do what I love – cook – at the same time," Ansorge says in the video. "And preach the Gospel."

Watch the inspiring story of Jeff Ansorge, who serves Jesus by cooking for the least of these.