'This Is Us' Season 2 Spoilers: Kate and Toby Deal With Their Miscarriage

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The upcoming episode of "This Is Us" season 2 will see Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) dealing with the miscarriage.

Fans already found out in the previous episode, titled "Number One," that Kate has miscarried her child with Toby. Randall (Sterling K. Brown) broke the news to his brother, Kevin (Justin Hartley), who paid him a visit because he wanted to ask for his help. 

A teaser trailer for the new episode, titled "Number Two," has been released. It opens with Kate and Toby at the hospital, holding hands and talking to a doctor. It is clear that she is delivering bad news. A heartbreaking scene features Kate crying over the loss of their child. But, the miscarriage will also affect her relationship with Toby, as previewed in the trailer and by Metz herself.

"How does it affect the relationship? Does it crumble or do you build on that foundation? I just trust those writers and [creator] Dan [Fogelman] so much to talk about stuff that is so important, like a miscarriage or addiction," Metz told Entertainment Tonight.

"It's a conversation that not many people want to have. But that conversation needs to happen more," Sullivan added.

The trailer shows Kate and Toby arguing over the miscarriage, with the latter banging his hands on the steering wheel of his car. But, the final scene in the short clip gives fans hope. The couple are in a sweet embrace, and Kate tells Toby that she feels as if she failed him, to which he replies, "You never could."

The episode is the second of a three-episode arc focusing on the Pearson kids. "Number One" showed Kevin hitting rock bottom with his pill addiction. But, as Hartley revealed to Variety, Kevin may not get his life straight if he does not come to terms with his father's death first.

"We've seen it with Kate, we've seen her kind of admit that she feels responsible for her father's death, and I think what you see as the show goes on is they all have that guilt that they carry," Hartley said.

"This Is Us" season 2 airs Tuesdays, at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.