This Supermarket Comes Up With a Genius Idea to Keep Food From Going to Waste (VIDEO)

It is often we find ourselves wasting food when we don't finish it all. Especially the perfectly good batch of vegetables we throw in the trash after dinner. The same thing applies when we are cleaning and sorting out our refrigerators.

Another frightening fact that people don't realize is spoiled fruits and vegetables that are found at supermarkets can be used to create juices and supplements. Instead, we tend to let it go to waste.

But, Intermarché, which is a French supermarket, has stopped things like this from happening.

Photo: (YouTube Screenshot/Marcel)

Instead of getting rid of the fruit and vegetables that customers won't buy, they use it to make soups and fruit juices.

So what was the end result to this brilliant idea? Everyone bought the juices and soups!

For more, check out the video below: