This Week in Christian History: Protestant Reformation, CMA Founder Dies, 'Rock of Ages' Hymnist Born

Protestant Reformation Begins - Oct. 31, 1517

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(Photo: Wikipedia Commons)Portrait of Martin Luther, the founder of the Protestant Reformation, by Lucas Cranach the Elder in 1528.

This week marks 500 years since a German monk named Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to a church door in Wittenberg, beginning what would become the Protestant Reformation.

Luther posted the theses, or points of argument, in response to various corruptions within the Roman Catholic Church, as well as objections to the official teaching on salvation.

The impact on Christianity and western civilization by what happened on that Eve of All Saints five centuries may never be understated.

In addition to theological debates that continue to this day, Luther's work influenced hymns and the modern German language.

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