'Thor: The Dark World' Trailer Sweeps Internet (VIDEO)

The sequel to 2011's "Thor" has officially released a trailer this week and fans are clamoring over the scenes.

In the clip for "Thor: The Dark World," Chris Hemsworth is seen reprising his role as the powerful warrior Thor.

Initially cast out of his home of Asgard because of his arrogance, Thor was sent to live on Earth among humans where he became their strongest defender.

The trailer first reveals the city of London while Anthony Hopkins narrates: "Some believe that before the universe, there was nothing. They're wrong. There was darkness. And it has survived."

"I gave you my word, I would return," Thor tells his love interest, Jane Foster, portrayed by Natalie Portman.

During the clip, Foster explains to Thor that they are from two different worlds, "maybe for a reason," hinting that their love is impossible. Sif, portrayed by Jaimie Alexander, is seen looking on disapprovingly.

"Thor 2" also stars Tom Hiddleston and Christopher Eccleston. The trailer went on to reveal Thor teaming up with his half-brother Loki to defeat an old enemy.

The "darkness" referred to in the trailer is the latest comic book villain to be introduced to the Marvel universe- the Dark Elves.

Upon it's release two years ago, "Thor" earned a surprising $450 million globally. The sequel to the successful film is expected in theaters on November 8. Watch the trailer here.

On Twitter, fans have sounded off about the latest "Thor" installment.

"Thor trailer is overloaded with divine angst," wrote The Verge.

Ally posted, "I don't mean to panic anyone, but I just watched the new THOR trailer, and I think he's gotten hotter. Yes, I know."

"First trailer for 'Thor' sequel is tingle-worthy," wrote Young Hollywood.

"Debut trailer for @MarvelUK's #Thor #ThorDarkWorld is now live and we can barely contain our excitement," added HMV.

Furthermore, many Twitter users have voiced cinematic similarities between "Thor 2" and "Game of Thrones." This makes sense because "Thor" director Alan Taylor served as director of six episodes of the HBO series.