Thousands Flock to Anaheim for Largest Christian Communications Convention

ANAHEIM, Calif. - Several thousand Christian ministry and media representatives flocked to the Anaheim Convention Center in sunny California for the 62nd annual National Religious Broadcasters’ (NRB) Convention and Exposition, on Friday, February 11, 2005. The weeklong Convention and Exposition, which last year drew an audience of 6,000, is expected to be the biggest nationally and internationally recognized event dedicated solely to assist those in the field of Christian communications.

The Convention officially launched on Saturday with a brief speech by the president of the Federal Research Council (FRC), Tony Perkins. Perkins, whose ministry “helped make the opening session possible”, was only one of dozens of financial supporters that facilitated the yearlong planning process for the gathering.

The opening general session featured invigorating sermons by high-ranking speakers James MacDonald and Ravi Zacharias and powerful performances by artists Smokie Norful and Crystal Lewis.

Dr. MacDonald, senior pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel in Arlington Heights, IL and host of Walk in the Word radio, challenged pastors and ministry leaders to “Do the job” of feeding the Lord’s sheep, no matter what obstacles and hardships come their way.

The internationally renowned apologetic and radio personality Zacharias meanwhile urged the 2,000-plus attendees to “live the word” so that the word may become living in our world.

The highlight of the Convention is its exclusive Exposition: a dynamic marketplace of some 300 companies and ministries, where the latest advancements in church technology is brought under one roof. The exposition, which opens on Sunday and lasts through Tuesday, allows new and old ministries to learn from one another and connect with the media and broadcasting groups that can help amplify their voices.

Registration for the NRB Convention, slated to close on Wednesday, is still possible at the door. For more information or for directions to the Convention Center, visit: