Thousands of Kids to Join Happy Birthday Jesus Party

Within the next two months, an expected 250,000 families will participate in the Happy Birthday, Jesus party via an interactive online experience.

Church groups and individual Christian families will log onto to interact with a live teacher for 30-minute sessions. The teacher will encourage each child by name as the kids play biblically-based games and learn about the meaning of Christmas online. For safety reasons, the children will be able to see the teacher, but the instructor will not be able to see the kids.

Each family will go through a week-long program that culminates in a birthday party.

"In our consumer society, once a week, parents drop kids at the children's department and head off to their own classes or service," said Kendra Moore, Dayspring marketing manager. "We come alongside parents and bridge the gap between Sundays with biblically sound, entertaining, and engaging activities to pull families closer together."

The Happy Birthday, Jesus party is a new program hosted by Really Woolly Kids, a Dayspring division. Really Woolly Kids launched the technology for the Happy Birthday Jesus Party to offer a safe place where kids and parents can learn spiritually while having fun.

All the games and activities will involve lovable lamb characters that made Really Woolly the top-selling division in Dayspring. Organizers believe the Happy Birthday, Jesus party is the world's largest birthday party.

Ranjy Thomas, founder and president of Flying Rhinoceros – which has partnered with Dayspring to launch the interactive online experience – predicts the Internet platform will be the "best after-school program in the nation" within 18 months.

"From searching the world, at this point we know of no Christian or secular technology where a teacher connects live with kids in an interactive game platform," said Thomas. "This is a first."

The party runs throughout November and December 2009.