Three Kangaroos Escape Zoo With Help From Furry Friends

Three kangaroos managed to escape from their home at a Germany wildlife park over the weekend, and one is still on the loose. The three kangaroos pulled off the escape with help from two little friends: a fox and wild boar.

According to the park's assistant head, Michael Hoffmann, a young fox managed to get into the park and dug a hole near the kangaroo's cage. That allowed at least one of the marsupials to escape, while the other two exited through a hole dug by a wild boar.

Officials searched for the animals and were able to return two of the kangaroos back to their homes. "Now we're just looking for the third," Hoffmann told the Associated Press. The escapee is "super friendly, super nice. Absolutely no danger at all."

While it's rather unique for kangaroos to escape their enclosure, zoos have always had a hard time keeping animals where they're supposed to be. Last year New York City residents were astonished that a peacock was on the loose after leaving the Central Park Zoo.

"These kinds of things you don't see everyday," tourist Alistair Reid told the Huffington Post at the time. "Only in New York."

Thankfully, the bird was returned to the zoo after a few hours, and was unharmed, but residents were left with legendary stories to tell. "Somebody should write a book about this, "Peacock in the Big City," suggested Hana Raskin.

Of course, the peacock was not quite as popular as a cobra that escaped from the Bronx Zoo months earlier. In that case, someone set up a Twitter account to suggest locations the snake might be at, and at one point the snake had 60,000 followers.

"New Yorkers have seemed to really embrace me. I've gotten lots of offers from people saying I can crash on their couches, so maybe I'll just bum around a bit," the serpent apparently tweeted.

Once the snake was finally located, officials breathed a sigh of relief, but New Yorkers were a bit disappointed. Now it seems the elusive kangaroo is off having adventures of its own.