Tiger Woods Earnings Reach $1.3 Billion From Endorsements

Tiger Woods' earnings over the course of his career has reached a staggering $1.3 billion, according to the latest reports. Even though the highly-ranked professional golfer hasn't won a major tournament in years, his large endorsement deals have kept him among the world's richest athletes.

Tiger Woods' earnings have reached $1.3 billion because he earned over $83 million last season, according to an article in Golf Digest. The pro golfer's income comes mostly from endorsement deals- he raked in $71 million from deals and only $12 million from prize winnings.

After next year, his earnings could shrink even smaller because he ended a deal with EA Sports, which has produced video game Tiger Woods PGA Tour since 1999. It was announced in October of 2013 that Woods' name would no longer be associated with the game, ending what was surely a lucrative contract.

The revelation of Woods' numerous infidelities against his former wife, Elin Nordegren, was a major factor in shrinking his previous earnings from endorsements.

"After earning more than $100 million in endorsements in 2008 and 2009, Woods' off-the-course take took a hit due to fallout from news of his extramarital affairs. Things have rebounded slightly from a low of $62 million in endorsement money in 2011," ESPN.com reported.

Other major pro golfers and retired golfers make up the list for the very top 50 highest earning players in the world last season. Filling out the top spots are Phil Mickelson, who earned $52 million, Arnold Palmer, who managed $40 million and Jack Nicklaus, who got $26 million. Though Palmer and Nicklaus no longer play, they have lucrative licensing deals that continue to earn them millions.

The no. 5 top earning golfer on the list was Henrik Stenson, who was paid $21.4 million.