Tiger Woods' Ex-Wife Demolishes $12 Million Home, Moves to Condo

Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, bought a $12.3 million North Palm Beach mansion- just to demolish the entire home less than a year later.

The 17,000-square-foot manor was purchased following Nordegren’s $100 million divorce from Tiger Woods, one of the golf world’s premier players. After Woods admitted publicly to cheating on his wife with many women, he took a 20-week hiatus from golf to work on his marriage.

His efforts were unsuccessful. Nordegren left him.

However, the newly-divorced mother of two saw a silver lining: the opportunity to build her dream home. For the Swedish multimillionaire, that involved knocking down the 80-year-old oceanfront mansion, and commissioning a private contractor to design the home she wanted.

“It was a beautiful place, incredible landscaping, fantastic ocean frontage,” realtor John True told The Palm Beach Post. He was one of the few to visit the house before its destruction.

According to True, there was a chance Nordegren would simply add to the house, or redesign a part of it, but eventually, it became apparent that the house simply didn’t have what she and her two children would need.

"I heard that the original plan was to renovate. But once they started, I heard they decided to tear it down,” said True.

The original mansion had eight bathrooms, an elevator, an in-ground pool, and plenty of property.

The Seminole Landing development is one of the most exclusive gated communities in Palm Beach County, according to True. The 77-acre community hosts the Seminole Golf Course, as well as the mega-rich residents who can afford to pay millions for their homes.

One house in the same vicinity is even more expensive, garnering a hefty $18.9 million price tag.

As the new home is being built, Nordegren lives in San Remo Condominiums. Details on the new home are scarce, possibly because the contractors, Onshore Construction and Development, have signed a confidentiality agreement.