Tiki Barber Ignored by NFL Teams

After making the decision to return after a five year hiatus from the NFL, running back Tiki Barber is disappointed that no team has shown interest in acquiring him.

Barber retired from the league in 2006, deciding to focus on a career in broadcasting. However a public scandal concerning his marriage and what was deemed as ignorant comments in the media slowed his career off the field.

In March, the player filed papers with the league to come out of retirement. After the team rosters were officially finalized over the weekend, Mark Lepselter, Barber’s agent said he was shocked.

“We are flabbergasted that Tiki has not had an opportunity with any team, especially when rosters were at 90 players this year,” Lepselter told SI.com. “I certainly thought some team would be intrigued to see what he had left in the tank.”

Although the Miami Dolphins did invite Barber to work-out, they passed on the opportunity to sign him. Instead the team signed Larry Johnson, formerly a running back for the Washington Redskins.

Some believe Tiki's biggest issue is his highly publicized divorce, after he left his pregnant wife for a younger girlfriend years ago.

Stephen Smith, sports analyst, said although years have passed, the issue is still relevant.

"We all need to stop lying to the public," Smith wrote on his Twitter account. "Tiki Barber leaving his pregnant wife has-at least-something to do with NFL teams ignoring him."

Although Lepselter told SI.com that his running back client is devastated, he said the current free agent will move forward with his life,

“This is the last time I am speaking on this subject in any way, shape or form,” the agent told the New York Post. “You can't worry about the things in life you can't control and Tiki has moved forward accordingly.”