Tim McGraw, Faith Hill Connect With Fans; Woman Gets Serenade

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have returned on stage for another Soul2Soul tour after more than a five year hiatus.

The star couple has generated a number of fans through the Soul2Sould tour, which has been done more than once in the past. In previous years it was considered one of the highest grossing tours in country music history. But this year, the couple has opted to do something slightly different.

While performing in Las Vegas, the pair agreed to put on a show to a limited audience of only 1,800 people. The idea was to create a more interactive experience.

"It's such an intimate setting," McGraw said, according to Great American Country. "I think that the main thing that we're going to look at it is, as a chance to really connect with a small amount of people. Eighteen hundred people at one time in which… is a totally different thing than anything that we're used to doing."

But McGraw appeared to be a natural on stage and heightened the personalized experience by bringing a fan from the crowd to join him on stage.

At some point during the concert McGraw singled out a female fan named Lisa, according to USA Today. As Lisa walked on stage in awe, McGraw began to serenade her. He finished the moment by signing his guitar and handing it over to the lucky fan.

The Soul2Soul tour was first launched in 2000. The tour took place after the 1996 Spontaneous Combustion Tour, during which Hill and McGraw first met. They married that same year. Two subsequent Soul tours occurred afterwards, the 2006 being the most successful, and the last one occurring in 2007. The couple have not performed on stage together since. The current tour will take place at The Venetian and runs through April.