Tim Tebow and Evangelical Jordin Sparks Develop Relationship

Tim Tebow may not be heading to the Super Bowl this year, after his Broncos team lost to the New England Patriots however, that didn't stop him from meeting the daughter of former New York Giants player, Jordin Sparks.

Tebow began making media rounds Thursday at the Super Bowl in preparation of the upcoming game. Although his team was beat out by Tom Brady, Tebow wasn't afraid to express admiration for Brady and Eli Manning as the two head off on Sunday.

"You play the game to be in a game like this," Tebow said during a taping of "NBC Sports Talk Live from the Super Bowl," which aired Thursday. "It's definitely a dream to be in a game like this."

The young quarterback made a name for himself after he prayed in the middle of the field regularly during games, sparking a copycat following called "Tebowing". Tebow is also credited with getting the Denver Broncos much further in the season than the team was originally expected to go. Although this season may not have been a complete success the new quarterback isn't giving up yet.

"That Tom Brady is really good," Tebow said when asked what he learned from the game. "And just to continue to work. ... If we get better and continue to work, anything can happen."

Off the football field, Tebow's media rounds have also extended to some celebrities including the likes of Jordin Sparks, winner of the sixth season of American Idol. Not only is the singer the daughter of Phillippi Sparks, who played defensive back for the New York Giants, she was also raised as an evangelical Christian. Sparks has even sung at varying sporting events including opening up with the National Anthem for the Arizona Cardinals.

Tim Tebow tweeted Friday that he had just met Jordin Sparks and seemed to have an esteemed view of the singer. "Absolute pleasure meeting @JordinSparks! Awesome girl!" he wrote adding a picture of the two arm in arm.