Tim Tebow Berated by Jets Teammates; Fans Disappointed

Some New York Jets fans may be calling for special teams player Tim Tebow to get more playing time on the field in the quarterback position, but the evangelical Christian's teammates are not so sure he is capable or worthy of such fanfare.

According to a recent New York Daily News report, over a dozen of Tebow's teammates think he may be nothing more than a gimmick. Some people chose to remain unnamed in the report, including a defensive starter who did not see why some fans were calling for him to become a starter.

"He's terrible," the unnamed defensive starter reportedly told the Daily News.

Although the Jets' record currently stands at 3-6 and starting quarterback Mark Sanchez has the lowest completion rate in the league with the highest red-zone interceptions, a number of players refuse to accept the possibility that Tebow should take his job.

Matt Slauson, Jets' guard, does not think Tebow's talent comes close to Sanchez.

"It's not even close. All the other quarterbacks know it. I have all the confidence in Mark," Slauson told the Daily News, refusing to address Tebow as an option at QB. "We don't really have a choice. We have (QB) Greg (McElroy) . . . and we have an athlete."

Another unnamed player told the Daily News that "nobody" on the team wanted Tebow to start. However, various people outside of the Jets organization disagreed with the rant against Tebow, especially after he took over as a starting QB for his former Denver Broncos team and brought them to the playoffs last season.

Adam Schein, sports commentator for SportsNet New York, took to Twitter to speak out against the unnamed Jets players who chose to speak negatively about Tebow's game.

"Curious what those 'unnamed Jets' thought of Tebow when Tebow beat NY last year. Or, what they thought of Sanchez on (the) plane home from Denver," Schein tweeted.

University of Missouri senior wide receiver T.J. Moe did not agree with the way Tebow's teammates spoke out against him.

"Anonymous quotes on Tebow? Man up, kids," the college football player tweeted. "Either protect your teammates with your words or put your name behind them."