Tim Tebow Fined for 'Play Tebow' Fan Billboard

Before the season even started, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow was fined for actions he did not commit on or off the field, but instead has been fined for a billboard displayed in his honor by a trio of football fans.

A billboard sign put up in September, saying "Play Tebow," has caused the QB a fine for every day that it has been up. The fine was issued by his teammates just four days after it went up. The reasoning behind this was Tebow did not make a public attempt to scold whoever put the billboard up, reports The Post Game.

The fines ended when then quarterback Kyle Orton was replaced by Tebow, and according to the article, the fines were never paid.

The culprits of the billboard were Muslim brothers: Mohammad, Tariq, and Ali.

They work at Multiline International Imports, a business that runs large digital billboards on Interstate 25, which is very close to the Bronco's stadium, reports The Post Game.

The brothers posted their next message in week three of the season when the Broncos got beat up and felt it was "Tebow" time. The message read, "Broncos Fans to John Fox: Play Tebow!" and then switched to "Welcome to Tebow Land."

The brothers never had permission to put the billboards up, according to the Washington Post, but two weeks later their wish came true and Tebow became the starting quarterback.

He continued and said, "We had someone call us and say, 'You guys single-handedly changed the course of the Broncos,'" Tariq said. "Not that we’re agreeing, of course."

"It just goes to show you when Muslims and Christians get together, miracles can happen," said Mohammad to the Washington Times.

Although the brothers are clearly fans of Tebow, they have not heard from the quarterback.

"We’re waiting for him to come see us," Mohammad said.