Tim Tebow 'Forced' on Owner, Says Jets General Manager Prospect

Tim Tebow was allegedly "forced" on Jets owner Woody Johnson, according to recent reports.

The Jets have been on the lookout for a new general manager. During the candidacy process, the team considered hiring Ted Sundquist. After being rejected as a prospect in lieu of John Idzik, Sundquist had some negative words to say about the decision to sign Tebow.

Johnson reportedly revealed that Tebow was practically "forced" upon him, Sundquist told ESPN New York. Johnson had previously been blamed for conceiving the idea of placing Tebow on the team in the first place.

"Sundquist said it was his impression that the trade was 'forced' on Johnson and team president Neil Glat, who also participated in the interview," ESPN reported. The interview took place nine days ago. Instead, Sundquist hinted that it was former GM Mike Tannenbaum who coerced Johnson into bringing on Tebow.

Johnson was swayed and Tebow was brought on, but now according to reports, the Jets are looking for an "exit strategy."

"They realized it was divisive and hard on the locker room, and they wanted an exit strategy," Sundquist told ESPN. With the Jets giving him little playing time, it is unknown if Tebow. will stay on the team or leave.

Though the quarterback leaving the NFL is Though Tebow was a possibility for the Jacksonville Jaguars before signing with the Jets, it seems that's a deal that won't happen now. Some suggest he won't leave the Jets, but if he does, the Jaguars aren't an option.

"I can't imagine a scenario in which he'll be a Jacksonville Jaguar- even if he's released," general manager David Caldwell told The Daily News.

The Jets are more likely to cut Tebow than trade him to another team, according to others reports. But other reports have suggested that naysayers are being overly negative. The Christian quarterback received very little playing time this season, with Rex Ryan relegating him to special teams much of the time.