Tim Tebow Honored in NY With Jetbow Sandwich

The famous Carnegie Deli in New York City has honored the newest New York Jet player Tim Tebow with the "Jetbow" sandwich, introduced Monday.

News broke of the quarterback joining the NFL team just last week, and the state is already paying the NFL star its respects.

Carnegie advertises that they are "New York's #1 Deli" on their official website, and offers customers a 3.5 pound sandwich with the Tebow-inspired menu item.

The Jetbow consists of roast beef, pastrami, corned beef, American cheese, lettuce, and tomato served on white bread with mayonnaise. It is the first celebrity-inspired sandwich to use mayo in the restaurant's 75 years of existence.

Sandy Levine, owner of the deli, explained the sandwich's cost of $22.22. The price represents Tebow's uniform number 15, as well as the Jets' existing quarterback Mark Sanchez's jersey number six, plus $1.22 for added emphasis.

"He's the poster boy for every parent and what they want their kids to be," Levine told ESPN. "Very religious, very clean-cut, and outstanding student, he does charity work. What more do you want as an athlete than him?"

For any customer who is able to finish the entire Jetbow, Carnegie Deli will give away a second sandwich for free.

On Twitter, users are posting messages about the giant Jetbow sandwich.

Amanda wrote, "Eh, not sure if I'd like it, and I'm one for sandwiches!"

Mike joked, "Carnegie Deli launches new Tebow inspired sammy 'Jetbow.' I guess no need for me to send over my 'Sand-chez' idea."

"First, a giant hot dog, now a 3.5 lb sandwich," wrote Mustard Museum.

"Tim Tebow has a new sandwich named after him 'Jetbow.' extra mayo on mine please," wrote Jacob.

Additionally, Stage Deli in New York City has named a sandwich after the football star.

Tebow formerly played for the Denver Broncos ahead of the 2012 draft picks. The Philippines-born athlete expressed gratitude toward both the Broncos and the Jets teams.

"You know it's such an honor for me to be here," said Tebow at a press conference on Monday. "I want to start by thanking the Broncos and all of my teammates and fans who were such great teammates and fans."

The 24-year-old then added that he is "very, very excited" to become a Jet while denying that the team acquired him as a publicity stunt.

"I don't think that's true," stated Tebow. "The Jets got a lot of support as is, I think it has more to do with the coaches believing in me and thinking that I'm an OK football player."