Tim Tebow Opens Up About Mark Sanchez, Position on the Jets and Kyle Orton

Tim Tebow may have been voted the NFL's most overrated player by his peers recently, but the Christian special teams player for the New York Jets is not losing sleep over other people's opinions of him or his role on the team.

Tebow, 25, was recently voted the most overrated player in a Sports Illustrated poll that surveyed a reported 180 NFL players. However, in a recent interview with the New York Daily News, the NFL star revealed that he never even saw the poll.

Once informed about the survey where his peers insinuated he was praised too highly, Tebow did not seem to be impacted too much by the news.

"Oh, really? No, I didn't see it. Yeah, it's really fine," Tebow told the newspaper. "It's both sides, because they also voted me in the Top 100 (Players on NFL Network), too."

However, the Daily News also grilled Tebow about his relationship with Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.

"I feel like one of the reasons they brought me here was to help make him better," Tebow said before being questioned about who the best quarterback on the team was. "It's absolutely a fair question... Whoever's out there on the field."

The backup QB-turned-punt protector elaborated on his comment further, telling the Daily News that he feels the coaches select him and Sanchez as the people most fit to do what they are asked.

"When I'm asked to do something, hopefully, you know, I'm the best person for that job," Tebow said. "When he's asked to do something, he'll be the best person for that job."

Although Tebow has not been given the opportunity to be the starting QB on his team thus far, he insists that he is working on his game and getting better.

"I'm working on a lot of things and feeling like I'm getting better. You know, looking forward to one day being able to show some of those things. But constantly getting better," Tebow said. "I believe in my God-given athletic ability and the coaches that have been blessed around me. I believe I can do the job as a quarterback in the NFL."

Along with the line of questioning surrounding his feelings of discontent about his role as a backup QB, Tebow was asked about fans calling for him to replace QB Kyle Orton who was starting for the Denver Broncos before he took over the position last season.

"I think that was a totally different situation. I obviously didn't have anything to do with the billboard when I was 100 percent behind our organization there in Denver and did whatever I could," Tebow said. "That was a long time ago and something that I'm not worried about now... I always said stuff for them. I believe I say very complimentary things about my teammates now, including Mark."

Despite some of the speculation about his team and feelings about him not starting for the organization, Tebow insists that he is only focused on winning his next game.

"We're only in our seventh week of the season. The season's got a long way to go," Tebow said. "We got an opportunity to win a game this week and go to 4-4."