Tim Tebow Patriots: New England to Cut Quarterback?

Tim Tebow and his New England Patriots stay could come to an end in training camp, as the team prepares to make a series of cuts to dwindle down the 90-man roster.

Tebow usually plays the position of quarterback, but he has virtually zero chance of becoming quarterback as long as star Tom Brady is healthy.

Tim Tebow signed a two-year $1.38 million contract, but may lose out as the backup to youngster Ryan Mallett.

"Tebow's roster spot will likely depend on if the team needs to carry depth at another position, or if they believe he is a promising candidate to develop in the long term while contributing as a situational player in the short term," said Andrew Martin of Yahoo Sports.

It was rumored that Tebow would be converted to tight end with the arrest and charges against Aaron Hernandez, but according to Yahoo Sports, this will not be happening.

Another factor playing against the quarterback is his contract is not guaranteed, and since he does not seem to be willing to make a position change up until this point in his career, it is uncertain what will happen to him.

ESPN reports they think Tebow has the benefit of his coaches at his disposal.

Offensive coach Josh McDaniels is one of Tebow's biggest supporters and drafted him to the Denver Broncos three years ago. Bill Belicheck has reportedly always like Tebow's character and work ethic.

A few months back former NFL coach Tony Dungy had some words of encouragement for the misplaced quarterback.

"I know Tim Tebow must be frustrated that he hasn't found the right team yet and is still searching. Here's the advice I would give to Tim as he waits for his new team," he said.

"Tim Tebow, I know, is really disappointed that he hasn't got it going and on a team, in a direction, knowing what locker room he is going to be in right now, but the advice I'd have for Tim is just to be patient, be faithful, the Lord has a good spot for you, He's going to give you the right situation," he said.

Perhaps Tebow will get his shot with the Patriots.