Tim Tebow Poisonous Letter Causes Scare for New Jersey Mayor

A city hall in New Jersey was recently evacuated after an envelope carrying a photo of Tim Tebow was found to be containing a mysterious white powder.

Jersey City's City Hall and Mayor's Office were evacuated Monday afternoon shortly after a mayoral employee opened an envelope containing a picture of Tim Tebow and a letter, as well as a mysterious white powder. The envelope was addressed to Jersey City Mayor "Steven Fulop, family and friends" and authorities argue that the white powder accompanying the letter was made to look suspicious.

A source close to the mayor's office told The Jersey Journal that the letter addressed to Fulop contained "spiritual stuff […] Heaven stuff," as well as a "picture of Tebow." Tebow, who previously played quarterback for the New York Jets before being dropped by the east coast team after a lackluster season, is known for his evangelical beliefs and pro-life stance.

Those in city hall and the mayor's office were promptly evacuated after the white powder was found around 2:15 p.m., and police, a bomb squad, a fire crew, a hazardous materials unit, and an ambulance were all parked in front of the government building shortly after. Employees who were in the same room as the envelope when it was opened were quarantined while the rest of the workers were evacuated.

Ultimately, after performing multiple toxicology tests, authorities found the small amount of white powder to be harmless. The return address on the letter turned out to be fake, and employees were asked to return to work later in the afternoon. Mayor Fulop was reportedly not present in the office when the letter was opened.

Jersey City Public Safety Director James Shea told The Jersey Journal that incidences such as this one are not uncommon and are usually targeted at anyone who is in the news or holds a public position. "There have been many of these cases of white powder across the country," Shea said. "Anyone in the news draws the attention of all kinds of people."

News of the fake Tebow letter comes on the same day that newspaper advertisements from the "Citizens of Jacksonville, Florida" appeared in the Florida-Times Union asking Florida Jaguars owner Shahid Khan to put Tebow on their roster. The newspaper advertisement reportedly cost $1,200 and was paid for by golf pro Dewey Arnette.