Tim Tebow Receives Relationship Advice From Lawrence Taylor

Tim Tebow was the butt of the joke on "Inside The NFL" recently when Hall-of-Famer and former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor gave him advice about using his love life to survive in New York City.

In a segment of the show called "Dear Insiders", a question from "Tim from the Meadowlands" asked advice of 53-year-old Taylor.

"(Dear Lawrence,) Like you, I'm a clean-living, hard-hitting, good ol' southern boy trying to make it in The Big Apple," the mock question stated. "What was the secret to your success? Thanks in advance, (signed) Tim from the Meadowlands."

While host James Brown posed the question that seemed to mock 25-year-old New York Jets special teams player Tebow, Taylor responded as if he were speaking to the Christian QB.

"I would say he would have to go to church, Temple – wherever he goes – find a nice girl," Taylor said on the program while adding a few profane words. "I mean marry her if he has to ... but he's got to get some of that pressure off."

The men on the football program seemed to joke about Tebow's virginity which he publicly admitted four years ago during an SEC Media Day press conference, when a reporter asked the then 21-year-old college football player if he was saving himself for marriage.

While the men on Showtime's "Inside The NFL" poked fun at the football player, they were not the first or only ones to do so. Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots' tight end, also spoke about Tebow's virginity last April.

At a speaking engagement for the University of Rhode Island, Gronkowski joked about taking Tebow's virginity. His remark surprised many on Twitter whose responses were, "Oh My," and "What?!

Still, Tebow's virginity has worked in his favor. Virgin Atlantic Airlines reportedly offered Tebow free flights if he remained a virgin when the announcement was made that he would move to the New York Jets.

"The 'penalty flag' will only be thrown if the quarterback 'gets sacked' and 'loses possession' of his V-card," a statement from the airlines read.

New York City's Museum of Sex also offered Tebow a lifetime membership to their facilities most recently.

"We would like to welcome you to New York City area with a lifetime membership to the Museum of Sex," a letter from the museum stated. "While we completely respect your choice to forgo having sex until after marriage, we hope you visit the Museum of Sex to learn more about the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality."

Still, "Inside The NFL" co-hosts Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth thought Taylor's advice to Tebow was nothing short of funny.

"As you soon as you said Tim Tebow, I knew this was not gonna be good," Simms said on the show.