Tim Tebow's NFL Peers, Fans Call Him 'Overrated' Amid Trade Rumors

Tim Tebow is overrated and should be traded, according to fans and football players in the NFL.

Tebow, 25-year-old New York Jets backup QB who has been playing on special teams since the beginning of the 2012-2013 NFL season, was listed as the most overrated NFL player in a Sports Illustrated poll. The QB earned votes from 180 players who reportedly participated in the survey, while his team's starting quarterback earned second place.

While Tebow received 34 percent of the votes from NFL players, the starting Jets QB Mark Sanchez was named the second-most overrated football player with 8 percent of the players' votes. Fans took to Twitter to react to Tebow being voted as an overrated player by his peers.

One NFL fan used sarcasm to point out that Tebow being voted an overrated player was a well known fact, even before the polling results surfaced.

"Tim Tebow voted most overrated player in the NFL," the fan tweeted. "In other news it gets dark at night."

However, another fan questioned how he could be considered overrated if Jets head coach Rex Ryan wouldn't give Tebow a starting position.

"Not quite sure how Tim Tebow can be overrated if his own coach doesn't think he's good enough to play for a 3-4 team," the football fan tweeted.

However, the backup QB was also the topic of conversation for some football fans who believe that he should be put on the trading block with the upcoming NFL trade deadline fast approaching next Tuesday. One fan joked that the Baltimore Ravens could use Tebow's evangelical Christian spirit on their team.

"The #Ravens should trade for Tim Tebow, they need him to lay hands upon their ailing defense," the person tweeted.

While other fans wanted Tebow to join the Jaguars, Cardinals and Bills to help the teams, some wanted Tebow out of New York strictly to limit his media coverage.

"I hope the Jets do trade Tim Tebow to some team like the Rams so I hear his name 50 percent less," another fan tweeted.

Although there is no guarantee that Tebow will leave New York anytime soon, Yahoo Sports! warned fans that talks of Tebow leaving the team were sure to pick up steam.

"As trade deadline approaches, expect Tim Tebow trade talk to increase," the website reported.