Tim Tebow's Running Game Leaving Him Open to Injury?

No quarterback has made the large amount of rushing attempts Tim Tebow has since 1970, but the verdict is still out about whether this strategy will work in favor of the Broncos.

In the Bronco’s 16-13 overtime defeat of the San Diego Chargers last Sunday, Tebow ran 22 times more than any other QB currently in the league. After the game, Broncos’ coach John Fox was asked about his comfort level in letting Tebow run the ball, which could leave him open to injury.

However, Fox said he is not limiting Tebow’s carries to avoid punishing the young QB’s body.

"I'm concerned about everybody's well-being, but there's not a certain number (of carries), no," Fox said in a Denver Post Report. “A lot of the things we do are based on what the defense does. Sometimes that's hard to monitor. I worry about all of them, as far as durability.”

Although penalties and fines would be given to defensive players that hit Tebow too high or low when he is in the pocket, running the ball could leave him more susceptible to those types of attacks. However, Broncos’ vice president of football operations and former QB John Elway praised Tebow’s running game.

Elway spoke about the young QB’s strategy on a podcast featured on the Broncos’ official website.

"The good thing about Tim is he has an innate ability when he's out running around, as to really understand when to get down, when to take a hit, and when not to," Elway said. "So I think if you really watch of his 22 carries -- and I'm not trying to slight the hits -- but he does a good job of sliding away so it's not a direct hit. He's just a big, physical guy and loves doing what he's doing."