Tim Tebow's Trust in God Criticized as Lack of Confidence

Tim Tebow, the New York Jets' newest quarterback, recently said he was unsure if he would ever be a starting QB again and that God holds his future. However, many criticized his statements, and may have misinterpreted his faith in God's will as lack of confidence.

Tebow, 24, interviewed with ESPN 1050 recently, saying that he did not know where he would end up on the team.

"I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future,'' Tebow said. "That's something that has always given me peace and comfort. That's why I don't have to worry about the future. I can just worry about today and worry about becoming better as a football player and a person.''

Some questioned whether Tebow lacked confidence that could negatively impact his team, including the Bleacher Report which published an article titled "Why Tim Tebow's Lack of Confidence Should Alarm NY Jets."

Critics of the NFL star took to Twitter to offer their opinion about Tebow. One person tweeted that Emmy-nominated ESPN sportscaster Skip Bayless had more confidence in the quarterback than anyone else.

"It's funny how Skip Bayless has more confidence in Tebow than anyone in the entire world, including Tebow," the critic tweeted.

However Bayless, who admits to being a fan of Tebow, took to his own Twitter account to prove critics wrong.

"Trust me, Tebow wants to be the Jets starting QB and chose New York because he believes he can beat out Sanchez. But if God has another plan, he'll follow," Bayless tweeted recently. "Tebow again says what he always says, whether he ever starts again is in God's hands, and now getting ripped for having no confidence. Wrong."

Despite the reaction of other people to his humble stance concerning taking the starting position of incumbent Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, Tebow has maintained that he respects the current starter.

"We talked had a chance to catch up a little bit and had a great conversation," Tebow said after being traded to the Jets. "We've been blessed to get to know each other over the last few years. I definitely have a lot of respect for him."