Times Square Shooting: 2 Bystanders Wounded After Police Fire on 'Emotionally Disturbed' Man (VIDEO)

A Times Square shooting resulted in two innocent bystanders wounded after an "emotionally disturbed" man began dodging traffic and threatening police about a block away from the crowded tourist destination. Officers fired on 35-year-old Glenn Broadnax Saturday night, but after missing him and discovering he had no weapon, took him down with a taser.

The Times Square shooting began in front of the Port Authority bus terminal around 10 p.m., where Broadnax began walking into traffic and dangerously dodging cars. He was not totally successful, however, as witnesses said he was hit by an aggressive driver or two.

"The guy was in the middle of the street in oncoming traffic and the cops were trying to get him out of the road," Kerri-Ann Nesbeth told CNN.

"It appeared he wanted to be struck by cars," Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters Saturday night.

As officers approached the man to get him out of the street, Broadnax pretended to have a gun.

"At some time he reached into his pocket, took out his hand and simulated as if he was shooting at them," Kelly added.

Police responded by opening fire. Two officers who have been on the force for 1-and-a-half years and three years, respectively, missed their three shots, with two striking bystanders Theodora Ray, 54 and Sahara Khoshaklagh, 37. One woman was grazed in the buttocks while the other was struck in the leg, but both are in stable condition.

After the crowd witnessed the shooting, they screamed at police not to fire on Broadnax anymore. Officers eventually subdued the agitated man with a taser, although it took several attempts before he went down.

Broadnax was charged with menacing, obstructing governmental administration, riot, criminal possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, the NYPD said in a statement Sunday. The charges may change by the time he does to trial.