Tina Campbell of Mary Mary Reveals Fans' Prayers and Music Helped Overcome Infidelities In Marriage

Tina Campbell, one half of the Grammy Award-winning gospel music duo Mary Mary, is revealing how her fans' prayers helped her overcome infidelities within her marriage arose earlier this year.

"THANX to every1 who prayed 4 me & my family this yr (SIC)," she tweeted. "I am your example that the prayers of the righteous accomplish much."

Campbell, 39, is married to gospel drummer Teddy Campbell, 38, who has also worked as the percussionist for "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. The singer first opened up about her husband's previous infidelities in the June issue of Ebony magazine and let fans, friends and family know how she was working to resolve the issue on ilovemarymary.com.

After calling for fans to help the pair fast and pray last Spring, Campbell has been silent about the matter. However, she recently created a YouTube video with her sister and fellow Mary Mary group member Erica Campbell to speak about her well being.

"Guess what? For all of y'all that's wondering, I'm good," she said addressing her fans in the YouTube video alongside her sister Erica.

Campbell went on to maintain that God is blessing her and thanked her fans for their continual support.

"God is blessing and my life is changing for the better," she said. "So thank you all of you who have been praying for me. I appreciate you."

In her recent tweet, Campbell spoke about some music that also helped her overcome the issues within her marriage.

"Heart That Forgives by Kevin LeVar & One Sound is 1 of the best songs ever written, EVER!!!" she shared in another tweet. "Helped me more than I can explain (SIC)."

However, in the upcoming third season of her WeTV reality television show, Tina reveals the hurt and pain that she felt after learning about her husband's infidelities.

"I gotta stand in front of these people and be inspirational," Tina says in between tears in a preview of the show. "I am so broken."

In the "Mary Mary" preview, Tina is pictured video chatting with her husband while explaining her frustrations to him.

"All these years that I spent with you was a lie and it hurts," she tells him.

Still Tina urged her fans to watch the "Mary Mary" show where they will witness her overcome the hard times in her life.

"I hope that you guys do watch our show this year," she said in the YouTube video. "You will see us have our most challenging year, but you will see God still being there and being God."