Tiny Denies Floyd Mayweather at BET Awards After T.I. Drama (VIDEO)

(PHOTO) Instagram: @majorgirlTameka "Tiny" Harris parties with friends including boxing champion Floyd Mayweather

Tiny and Floyd Mayweather had an awkward run-in at the BET awards on Sunday night.

The pair, whose friendship triggered a brawl between Tiny's husband T.I. And Mayweather last month, were both present on the red carpet outside the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles yesterday when the awkward encounter occurred. Tiny, otherwise known as Tameka Harris, was speaking to a reporter when Mayweather emerged.

In a video posted on TMZ.com Tiny is seen chatting to a reporter on the red carpet and when the undefeated five-division world boxing champion approaches her, she makes a quick exit.

Mayweather, who was accompanied by his girlfriend, attempted to get Tiny's attention, however, she was swiftly led away by a woman who appeared to be her publicist. The heavy-weight boxer brushed off the awkward encounter and walked away with his date.

It is unclear why Tiny made a conscious effort to ignore Mayweather, however critics suspect the VH1 star was likely trying to avoid trouble.

In May T.I., born Clifford "Tip" Joseph Harris, Jr., came to blows with Mayweather at a Fatburger burger joint on a Las Vegas strip allegedly over the professional boxer's friendship with Tiny.

"Control your b---- m-----------!" Mayweather was heard yelling at T.I. in a viral video of the fight.

Hours before the brawl Tiny shared an adorable photograph of herself on Instagram alongside Mayweather's daughter Iyanna Mayweather, which reportedly upset her rapper husband.

While the photo was innocent, it came a few weeks after Tiny shared another photo of herself partying with friends including Mayweather. Reports claim that upon seeing the most recent Instagram photo of Tiny, 38, and Iyanna, an enraged T.I., 33, confronted the boxing champion about his friendship with his singer wife, which sparked a "chair tossing" violent brawl.

"Only person I wanna apologize towards is Tiny," Mayweather told urban blogger NecoleBitchie.com referring to his "b----" comment.

"I don't want to say that about Tiny … she cool people, man. She cool," he added.

Tiny was not present during her husband's altercation with the boxer.

"I been knowing Tiny before T.I.," Mayweather explained "I've never slept with her, I never kissed her, never touched her in no inappropriate way."

On Sunday, Tiny and T.I. put on a united front at the BET awards.