Tippi Hedren to Guest Star on 'Cougar Town'

Tippi Hedren is headed to "Cougar Town" for a rare guest appearance on the popular series. Hedren will play herself, TBS officials revealed this week, as an elusive star who is sought by the entire cast.

"Jules (Courteney Cox) and the gang are set to scheme to capture Tippi Hedren to cheer up Jules' dad, Chick," the press release explained. And according to Yahoo, the gang "will harass a tour guide into stalking Tippi's home so that Chick can drink with his favorite star."

It's a high time for Hedren, whose life with Albert Hitchcock was featured in the HBO docu-drama "The Girl." The film portrayed Hitchcock as a calculating, cunning, controlling man obsessed with Hedren; he did everything in his power to keep her close at hand in the film.

The film received rave reviews, even from Hedren herself, who had a hard time seeing it all play out again.

"I've never been in a screening room where nobody moved, nobody said anything. Until my daughter [Melanie Griffith] jumped up and said, 'Well, now I have to go back into therapy,'" Hedren told the Associated Press.

Hedren was a huge star largely in part to her role in Hitchcock's classic "The Birds." Hitchcock specifically chose her for the role, but the relationship quickly soured. Now Hedren is telling her side of the story and getting closure to the trauma she endured during her time with Hitchcock.

"He ruined my career, but he did not ruin my life," she has famously said.

Hitchcock is the subject of another film, this one focused on his relationship with wife Alma Reville during the making of "Psycho." It stars Sir Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, as well as an all-star cast of supporting characters. Scarlett Johansson has been tapped to portray Hedren.

"Cougar Town" returns to TV on Tuesday, January 8 at 10:00 p.m. EST on TBS.