Todd Bridges, Corey Feldman Support Bill to Protect Child Actors

Todd Bridges and Corey Feldman, former child actors, are seeking to protect other children in the field. They have signed on to support a new bill requiring fingerprinting and background checks for all those with unsupervised access to child actors.

Bridges and Feldman both entered the entertainment industry at a young age though they took different avenues within the industry. Bridges pursued a television career while Feldman starred in films. Now they are seeking to protect others in the business who may fall victim to predators.

According to the L.A. Times, the bill being proposed in California would require persons with unsupervised access to child actors to be fingerprinted and have a background check. It would also prohibit registered sex offenders from representing minors.

"If this bill can help save one child from the pain and consequences of being made a victim, then it is worth every effort," Assemblywoman Nora Campos told the L.A. Times. She is the lead author of the bill.

"I cannot imagine why even one politician would object to it passing," Bridges told the Times. "Without these types of precautions, Hollywood will continue to attract pedophiles with an unmonitored playing field to commit their inhumane acts."

Bridges is himself a survivor of child molestation and points out the dangers of children working in Hollywood. "We're not doing enough to protect children, period," he said.

Feldman has also voiced his support for the bill. "This is a very good idea. I think it should have been implemented years ago," he told the Times. 

As a child, Feldman was abused by his father's friend and stated that he "couldn't face it" and "was too afraid" to tell anyone.

Now they are hoping to prevent any other children from suffering at the hands of Hollywood agents or workers. Fans have supported their actions, with many leaving messages of encouragement on Bridges' and Feldman's Twitter feeds.

"Good luck, guys!" tweeted Stone Markers.