Toddler Killed After Being Dragged Under Lawnmower Driven by Grandmother

A 19-month-old toddler has died following a tragic accident where he was run over by a lawnmower driven by his grandmother. The boy was dragged under the spinning blades and died from horrific injuries to his head and body.

The police are investigating the accident which happened in Titusville, Florida on Friday afternoon. The boy’s grandmother, named Cynthia, is said to be distraught.

“They're suffering. The whole family's suffering,” said neighbor Dave Smith. “Cynthia is a good, Christian woman, and I know whatever happened, I just know she feels as bad as anyone could ever feel. She'll never get over this.”

Jessica Lowe, a neighbor who owns a lawn care business, commented on the type of lawnmower being used: “A 19-month-old getting hurt on one, I'm surprised there's anything left of him. That's as bad as they can be.”

She added: “They're so heavy and dangerous. I've blown out windows just by hitting pine cones.”

Battalion Chief Scott Gaenicke of Titusville Fire & Emergency Services said: “He was riding on the lawnmower with Grandma and somehow fell off and was run over.”

He continued: “We believe the blades of the lawnmower struck the child.”

He boy was pronounced dead after being flown to Parrish Medical Centre by helicopter.