'Toddlers and Tiaras' Mom Banned from Putting Daughter Maddy in Pageants (VIDEO)

Lisa Jackson, a mother from "Toddlers and Tiaras," has allegedly been banned from putting her daughter Maddy in pageants by a court order.

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(PHOTO:Facebook/Toddlers and Tiaras)Toddlers and Tiaras

Maddy, 5, will no longer be participating in pageants according to one judge who has banned the toddler's mother from putting her in any more shows. In the past, Lisa has been know to go to extreme measures in order for her daughter to compete in the pageant world. Some extremes include giving the then-4-year-old a fake bosom and derrière in order for the girl to channel her favorite idol, Dolly Parton.

Even Maddy's stylist, Michael Booth, opposed the move to make the toddler look like Parton during a pageant last year, saying that it was a bit over-the-top.

"I wasn't a big fan of the outfit with the boobs in it. She's very young, but hopefully the judges will perceive it in good taste," the stylist said on camera back stage during a filming of the show.

Lisa Jackson has fervently defended her actions in the past, stating that pageants are no different than dancing or gymnastics.

One judge firmly disagreed. The judge has placed a gag order on Lisa Jackson, which bans her from putting her daughter in any additional pageants. The order has spurned off a custody battle between Jackson and her ex-husband Bill Verst.

Sources close to the situation have called the move extreme.

"What kind of judge tells a parent what kind of extracurricular activity they can put their child in? Pageants aren't illegal and they're not harming Maddy," the source told RadarOnline.com. "This is no difference from soccer or swimming or gymnastics and it is taking away Lisa's right to parent. The government should not be involved in this at all!"

Verst, who is a convicted felon and also served time for a DUI, had previously supported his daughter being in pageants, but is now apparently opposed.

"Maddy has been doing pageants since she was a baby and this is the first time Bill has ever said I'm a bad mother," Lindsay told RadarOnline in a previous interview.