Tom Brady, 'Tough Metrosexual,' Praised by Gisele Bundchen

After Tom Brady suffered from a broken nose just one week into the NFL season, his wife Gisele Bundchen has admitted to liking his facial injuries.

Many of Brady's fans were up in arms about the noticeable injury to his face, but not his supermodel wife, who likes his scarred nose.

"Yeah, it's ok," Brady said of his injury on Wednesday, according to The Los Angeles Times. "My wife likes it, so I'm good."

After the game, Brady's teammate Wes Welker could not help but poke fun at the handsome quarterback's injury.

"He's such a good-looking guy," Welker told The Boston Herald. "Obviously, he gets banged up, and he's probably the toughest metrosexual I've ever come across."

Proving his endurance earlier in the week, Brady noted his affinity for scars.

"I need some of that … some scars," Brady said during a radio interview.

Kamerion Wimbley sacked the New England Patriots quarterback in the second quarter of the Pat's 34-14 win against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. Wimbley's knee appeared to connect with Brady's face on the ground, and trainers had to bandage the athlete's nose to stop the bleeding.

Brady was not sure if he had broken his nose after the game, but the famous athlete and model underplayed the injury and simply donned a large white bandage on his face while meeting the press.

"It doesn't look pretty bad, but it probably looks a lot worse than it feels," Brady told WEEI on Monday. "Logan (Mankins') played on a torn ACL last year, so I figured I can play with a scratched nose."

Regardless of the injury, Brady appeared to be ready to take on the Arizona Cardinals during this Sunday's home opener.

"Coach talked a lot over the last few days about getting to know them; it's not really an opponent we play as often as some of these other teams," explained Brady, according to ABC Local News. "The last two days have been about trying to understand their strengths, what they do well, and really how we need to play the game."