Tom Clements Shooting: Associate of Evan Ebel Arrested, 1 Suspect at Large (VIDEO)

Police have arrested a member of a known white supremacist gang in connection with the shooting of prison chief Tom Clements. James Lohr had multiple warrants out for his arrest, and police have not said whether they will charge him in connection with this crime.

Lohr is believed to have been an associate of Evan Ebel, the man allegedly behind the murder of Clements. Ebel was known for his bad temperament and was reportedly a member of the 211 Crew, a white supremacist gang. Lohr is also believed to have been in the gang, along with another man police are searching for: Thomas Guolee.

Two sources told ABC News that Lohr and Guolee were in "frequent contact" with Ebel, including up to 24 hours before Clements was shot at his home in Colorado. Both men have extensive criminal records and warrants out for their arrests; Guolee is believed to be armed and dangerous.

Police are looking into whether the death of Clements is somehow related to the assassination of Texas' District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia, as well as the murder of Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse. Right now authorities are on edge that assassination attempts are on the rise and could be interconnected by white supremacist groups.

"We have nothing to indicate that they are connected, but just based on a (District Attorney) being involved, we figured it was worth our while to reach out," Sgt. Joe Roybal, El Paso County Sheriff's Department spokesman, told The Denver Post Sunday.

Ebel was killed by Texas authorities after a high-speed chase ended in a crash and shoot-out with deputies. At the time of his death, bomb-making materials were found in Ebel's car, leading officials to guess at what may have been planned.

Lohr and Guolee could provide vital information as to whether there is or was a larger plan. News that Ebel was released early due to a clerical error infuriated those who knew he could be trouble. He signed a letter found by police with the insignia "Evil Evan," which is how many of his former friends and family saw him as well.

Watch the Colorado warning for police here