Tom Cruise and Auditioning Women Led to Marriage With Holmes

Was Tom Cruise's marriage to Katie Holmes the result of a successful audition by the young actress? Sources have said that the Church of Scientology played a crucial role in matching the two stars and pushed for the two to be married.

According to several sources, once the Church discovered an interview in which Holmes admitted to having a fantasy of marrying Cruise, her childhood crush, the institution arranged for the pair to finally meet. It wasn't long after that Cruise went on Oprah to publicly declare, "I love this woman!" and jump on the couch.

Yet the New York Post has claimed that Holmes signed a "five-year contract" to stay married to Cruise, and now that those five years are up, she is free to do as she wishes. That apparently means immediately filing for divorce and seeking custody of daughter Suri.

"Katie doesn't want Suri getting deeper into the cult," a source told the Post. The same source also shed light on the importance of Holmes seeking custody and filing for divorce right now.

"Suri is at an age where she will face frequent formal interrogation about her behavior, what Scientologists call 'sec checking,'" the Post reported. Holmes, who was raised Catholic, wants her daughter to follow in her own footsteps instead of being drawn in to the secretive society of Scientology.

Before Cruise, and the Church of Scientology, settled on Holmes, there was the possible pairing with co-star Penelope Cruz. The two attended the Scientology Celebrity Center in Hollywood, and Cruise supported Cruz taking a few courses to better acquaint her with the religion.

Cruz, however, was not swayed by the Scientologists, or her partner, to sign up as a member. "I have great respect for all religions, but I do not intend to join any of them at the moment," she explained.

Shelly Miscavige was then allegedly charged with finding a suitable, meaning Scientology-approved, partner for Cruise. After two years, Holmes was reportedly finally chosen, and the rest became history.