Tom Cruise Lawsuit to Settle Out of Court: Actor Did Not 'Abandon' Suri

Waist deep into a $50 million lawsuit with Bauer Publishing, Tom Cruise and the people behind In Touch and Life & Style have decided to settle their dispute outside of court.

In the midst of his divorce last year from Katie Holmes, both magazines charged that Cruise had allegedly "deserted" his daughter- a claim which Cruise has said is not true.

"It's just the opposite of what they said in the magazine," Bert Fields, Cruise's longtime lawyer, told E! News."They are together all the time. He is a very caring father, and that is at the heart of this lawsuit." The tabloids' publisher has stood by their reporting.

The argument on both sides has gotten heated, with each side asking for a very long list of case details. Cruise has requested that Bauer Publishing provide him with a copy of every article that the company has ever printed about him, according to E! In return, the publishers have asked for detailed schedule information regarding the actor and the time he spent away during his split from Holmes.

Cruise filed the defamation lawsuit against Bauer last October. The publishing company has insisted that the details printed about the actor are true. It was announced Wednesday morning that the case would be resolved outside of court. Details of the case could include private information the actor, his divorce, and the Church of Scientology.

If the issue is not resolved outside of a court, an alternative trial date was set for April 29, 2014, according to E!.