Tom Cruise, Suri, Katie Holmes News: Actress to Get $11 Million for Explosive Book About Her Divorce?

Is Katie Holmes planning to release a tell-all book about her divorce with Tom Cruise? Rumor mills say the memoir already fetched $11 million from a publisher as the "Dawson Creek" star prepares to reveal everything to "set the record straight."

REUTERS/Danny MoloshokTom Cruise and Katie Holmes pose for the cameras during a better time in their marriage.

When the former couple divorced in 2012, Holmes was said to have signed an agreement that she won't be talking about Cruise nor their marriage for the next five years. Those five years, however, will soon pass in August and by then, Holmes will no longer be constricted to talk about her daughter Suri's father.

The book will allegedly be a no-holds-barred disclosure. It will also likely include Holmes's romance with Jamie Foxx, her rumored boyfriend.

Cruise and Holmes's whirlwind courtship started in 2005 and the media probed on the relationship from the beginning. People assumed Holmes's Catholic upbringing conflicted with Cruise's belief in Scientology.

Despite this, the union resulted in the birth of Suri, Cruise's only biological child, in 2006. Holmes supposedly feared their daughter would be brainwashed as she grew older. Thus, she made a difficult choice to divorce Cruise to protect Suri.

Following the split, Cruise allegedly has no relationship with his daughter who has allegedly been barred from speaking to her father. But while promoting "The Mummy" in Australia in May, the actor briefly commented on his little girl when someone asked if he'd allow her to become an actress. "You never know, you never know," Cruise said, as per Sydney Morning Herald.

Meanwhile, as Cruise's romance after his divorce goes unreported, Holmes's relationship with Foxx continues to fill tabloids and the rumor mill. Speculations are that after the five-year mark of her divorce will pass, Holmes will also soon go public with the "Robin Hood" actor as their romance gets serious. There are, however, reports that Foxx doesn't plan on getting hitched just yet.