Tom Hanks Slam Poem About 'Full House': 'You've Got It, Dude' (VIDEO)

Tom Hanks appears to have his funny shoes on. Just coming off a stint on "Saturday Night Live," the actor appeared Wednesday night on the "Jimmy Fallon Show," offering up his best artistic side.

The actor made an attempt at slam poetry, walking up on a dark stage that was lined with lights that formed a square. Hanks wore all black, taking on the look of a beatnik, and struck a serious pose as he began his slam poem about the once popular sitcom, "Full House."

"Full House," Hanks began, reflectively. "House full of mennnn."

During his poem, the actor offered a brief description of some of the characters and also used a few memorable scenes to explain the house dynamic.

"Uncle Jesse whose hair is never messy, 'watch the hair huh,'" Hanks read, mocking John Stamos who played Jesse Katsopolis, the uncle of the girls. "Have mercy on uncle Jesse."

Hanks also offered up an impression of the three young girls on the show: DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner.

"DJ Tanner oh Mylanta, Stephanie 'How rude!' Little Michelle, 'You've got it dude,'" Hanks said to laughter in the crowd.

He finishes off the poem by adding that girls learned life lessons on the show, despite the fact that they were raised by men.

"As we sit on the bed, get patted on the head, our sins we confess and we learn a life less-ONNN from the men," he read, wrapping up the poem. "The men from this full house. This house full of men. 'Cut it out.'"

Finger snaps anyone?