Tomb Raider 2013 Reboot Sequel Coming? Square Enix Points to December Announcement

Square Enix, publisher of the Tomb raider game, hinted at a possible next-gen release of a new game in the series.

A representative from the company told IGN to expect some sort of announcement about the future of the Crystal Dynamics-developed reboot of the series.

Another hint was a leak that has since been removed on the Italian Amazon's website. There was a listing for Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for the PlayStation 4 to be released on Jan. 24, 2014. Polygon reported there were even hints at DLCs and a possible Xbox One and Wii U version.

"It's so hard to keep a secret these days," the representative told IGN when they pressed him about a possible upcoming game. "We appreciate all of the enthusiasm, however we don't have any details to share just yet. That said, we highly recommend you keep an eye on any major gaming events happening in early December."

The December announcement date may be for the annual Spike Video Game Awards, where the game is expected to win a few awards. Tomb Raider was nominated for Game of the Year, Best Action Adventure Game, Best Xbox and PlayStation game, as well as being nominated for Camilla Luddington as the game's central character, Laura Croft.

The game was previously made by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive when it began in 1996 up until the mid-2000s. Crystal Dynamics rebooted the entire series, change Laura craft's look, and put her back in time to before she became the rough and tumbled Tomb Raider.

There are nine games since its inception over the course of around 20 platforms.

Tomb Raider was released on March 5 of this year for the Xbox 360, PS3, MAC, and PC to rave reviews.