Tommie Harris' Wife Dies of Brain Aneurysm

The wife of former NFL star Tommie Harris has passed away after suffering a brain aneurysm.

Ashley Harris was only 29 and had married Tommie on New Year's Day. The couple has two young children. She passed away two days after entering Norman Regional Hospital in Oklahoma for treatment. Family friend Bill Horn told the press, "Tommie has been overwhelmed by the support of his former teammates, the Bears organization and the city of Chicago."

"Please continue to pray for him as he and his children grieve the loss of his wife," Horn added. Tommie Harris played for the Chicago Bears from 2004 to 2010 before going to the San Diego Chargers, where he plays Defensive End. Players from both teams have offered support and prayers for the Harris family.

"The Chargers family is saddened by the sudden loss of one of our very young members. Tommie Harris' wife Ashley was just 29 and leaves behind a loving husband and two young children. Our prayers are with the Harris family during this most difficult time," a spokesman for the San Diego Chargers told reporters.

In college, Hugh Hefner asked Tommie Harris to pose for a Playboy All-America Team photo. Harris' response was strong and spoke volumes about his personal beliefs. "I have four sisters and no interest in promoting Hugh Hefner's agenda. What would I be saying by being in that magazine? That I'm poor and am looking for publicity? That I like girls in swimsuits? I don't even like pornography," he told Sports Illustrated.

Football players, teams and fans have all taken to Twitter to voice their support. Player Corey Wootton posted, "Everyone send out there (sic) prayers to Tommie Harris and his family as he just lost his wife…may she rest in peace."

The Oklahoma University football feed states, "Our condolences to Tommie Harris whose wife passed away in Norman." Player Tyler Polumbus added, "Join me in prayer for Tommie Harris and his two kids. Can't imagine the pain and agony associated with losing a wife and mom at 29."