Tommy Lee Jones Grumpy at Golden Globes Meme Goes Viral

Tommy Lee Jones made waves on social media sites after appearing grouchy at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards.

While fellow celebrities and audience members erupted in laughter during the awards show, 66-year-old Jones never even broke a smile.

The cantankerous actor seemed unimpressed with the presentation delivered by actors Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell during the evening, prompting online readers to create a meme based on Jones' testy facial expression. The image of Jones' scowl has since gone viral online.

Furthermore, on Twitter, many Golden Globes viewers posted reactions to Jones' displeasure throughout the night and into Monday.

Matthew observed, "Tommy Lee Jones is not impressed," while Damian sarcastically added, "Tommy Lee Jones, having a blast as always. #GoldenGlobes."

Scott posted, "Congrats to Tommy Lee Jones for his brave fight against humor!"

"Oh. Best part of the night," started Twitter user Sally. "Tommy Lee Jones' reaction to Will Ferrll and Kristen Wiig. Hands Down."

John posted, "Tommy Lee Jones just gave 2013 its first meme."

Additionally, Buzzfeed posted a headline comparing Jones to a grumpy cat.

Watch a video including Jones' reaction on YouTube here.

Meanwhile, Jones was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor after delivering an impressive portrayal of Thaddeus Stevens in "Lincoln."

Jones was not the only celebrity to come under scrutiny for their facial expressions during the awards show. Taylor Swift was also the brunt of jokes for her scowl as Adele was announced the winner in her category.

"Taylor Swift's mean face during Adele's win is my new favorite thing," wrote one Twitter user.

The country music singer was nominated for Best Original Song for her track "Safe and Sound" featured in the movie "The Hunger Games;" but Adele's "Skyfall" from the Bond movie of the same name was named the winner.

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