Toni Braxton Says Sister Tamar Convinced Her to Do Reality Show

"Braxton Family Values" is making its third season debut, with a lot of changes in store for the family full of singers, but solo star Toni Braxton almost never made it on the show.

Toni, the eldest of the five Braxton sisters and singers who were raised as the children of a preacher, opened up to The Christian Post about not being a big fan of appearing on reality television.

"I'm going to be honest, it's still not my favorite thing to do but I'm having fun," Braxton told CP. "My generation is so different. It's not like I'm this elderly person it's just that the 90s and the beginning of the millennium me Mariah, Mary, Whitney ... we were taught you keep that mystique being an artist."

Braxton made a name for herself apart from her sisters as a solo singer in the 90s and recently scored a major role in the Lifetime network movie "Twist of Faith." However, the budding actress admitted that her youngest sister Tamar Braxton had a hand in her appearing on the series during it's first season in 2010.

"Now the world is different, it's about talking about your life. And the thing my sister Tamar told me was 'Toni, you're dated ... you've got to get new and current, you've got to talk about your life, before other people talk about it. Use this as a platform to tell your story, stop letting other people tell your story,'" Braxton told CP. "I was like 'OK, Tamar has a point.' So my sister Tamar was beneficial in getting me to be more personal."

Braxton said she does not always get how her sisters are so willing to share so much of their personal lives on national television.

"As for my sisters, I'm often still amazed at some of the things they talk about. Like 'really?' You're really comfortable telling people that much about your life," she told CP. "It's just different. Age differences I guess. I don't know what it is."

Still, Braxton said she has noticed her sisters' growth since the initial airing of the WE TV reality television series in 2011.

"It's been therapeutic for them in a lot of occasions. Some of their personal marriage problems they've been going through," Braxton explained. "Talking about it and getting it out there has really helped some of my sisters' marriages. So I guess it works. I still think we should save a little something though."

The third season of "Braxton Family Values" airs March 14 at 9 p.m. ET on WE TV.