Tony Awards 2013: Neil Patrick Harris Wows Again

Neil Patrick Harris mastered hosting the Tony Awards for a fourth time on Sunday, with viewers praising his showmanship.

The "How I Met Your Mother" star wowed the audience with his effortless wit and charm during the awards ceremony, winning him accolades on social media sites.

Among his funniest jokes, the energetic Harris called out the 2012 big-screen adaptation of "Les Miserables."

"Can I have my Tom Hooper 'Les Miz' close-up please," said the actor referring to the film's director having shot "Les Mis" with live singing.

"On Broadway, we don't need extreme close-ups to prove we're singing live," he added. "We sing live eight shows a week. Check it!"

Harris delivered colorful, robust performances that included cast members of dozens of Broadway musicals as well as one with boxer Mike Tyson.

Of his fourth time hosting the Tony Awards, Harris admitted that experience did not make his job easier.

"Because I'm constantly second-guessing myself, and trying to one-up myself," said the actor in the days leading up to the awards show, according to CBSNews. "I guess at the same time, when I would get super-insecure before, I would think it was the end of the world. Now I know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel and that everything will be OK."

In addition to Harris' spirited presenting, the 2013 Tony Awards honored the best on Broadway this past Sunday night.

Among the top winners was Cyndi Lauper who took home the prize for best musical with her "Kinky Boots," while Cicely Tyson landed the Tony Best Actress Award for her role in "The Trip to the Bountiful."

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Harris opened up about the upcoming series finale of "HIMYM" in a past interview, explaining that he and his co-stars are ready to move on.

"Cobie [Smulders] has got 'The Avengers' that just made a billion dollars, Jason [Segal] makes a ton of movies, I'm anxious to move east and Josh [Radnor] is directing and acting in movies as well," said the actor speaking to Access Hollywood. "So, we are all anxious to move forward."

"HIMYM" will start its ninth and final season this fall.