Tony Danza Alive, Another Death Hoax Victim

Tony Danza Alive, Another Death Hoax Victim

Tony Danza, though believed to have fallen off a cliff in New Zealand to his death, is in fact alive and well.

The 61-year-old actor is the latest victim of several death hoaxes involving several celebrities this week. Websites have perpetuated false reports and misinformation about high-profile celebrities previously, including John Cena and Morgan Freeman on their pages to increase traffic to their sites.

One site claimed that Danza died on Sept. 10 in an identical story to the made-up deaths of Cena, Freeman, and Jerry Springer.

"Actor Tony Danza died while filming a movie in New Zealand early this morning- Sept. 10, 2012 Preliminary Reports from New Zealand Police officials indicate that the actor fell more than 60 feet to his death on the Kauri Cliffs while on-set," an unreliable site posted.

Not only is the actor not dead, but Danza is currently promoting his new book, "I'd Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had." The "Taxi" star has appeared on television this week and also frequently posts on his Twitter account.

"Hey, everyone," Danza posted on Saturday. "My book comes out this week. Think you'll want to apologize to every teacher you've had after reading!"

Moreover, Danza appeared on the "Today" show on Monday as well as guest-hosted on "The View." He will be at Ursinus College this Saturday for a book signing.

Other false rumors surrounding the actor have circulated in the media recently, including his interest in running for mayor of New York City.

"For the record, I am not considering running for mayor of NYC," he posted to Twitter.

Danza was nominated for an Emmy Award and four Golden Globe Awards for his role on the television series "Who's the Boss?" and won the People's Choice Award for the sitcom "The Tony Danza Show" in 1998.


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