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Top 10 Reasons Why Tim Tebow Is Beloved by His Fans

Top 10 Reasons Why Tim Tebow Is Beloved by His Fans

It's been more than a decade since Timothy Richard Tebow burst onto the scene and immediately turned into one of the most popular athletes in the country.

Given that amount of time and Tebow not having appeared in an NFL game recently, it would be easy to assume that many of his fans have forgotten about him, but that's far from the truth.

Tebow remains as one of the truly admired sports personalities of today, and there are many reasons for why that's the case.

1. Fans still remember his glory days with the Florida Gators

Tim Tebow with the Florida Gators back in 2007 | Wikimedia Commons/MrMoving

Few football players can boast the kind of college career that Tebow enjoyed at the University of Florida.

His accomplishments as a college athlete include winning the Heisman Trophy and the Davey O'Brien Award. He also took home the SEC Player of the Year Award twice, and he's not lacking in team accomplishments either, as the Florida Gators won the national title twice with him on the team.

2. Tebow came up with his own unique style of play that allowed him to succeed in college

Tim Tebow preparing to throw a football | Wikimedia Commons/Clemed

Tebow was never the conventional pocket passer that football fans typically think of when they are imagining a successful quarterback, but that didn't really matter that much.

His playing style may have been different, but he certainly made it work as many Florida Gators fans can attest to.

3. That unbelievable 2011–12 season with the Denver Broncos

Tim Tebow during his NFL days with the Denver Broncos | Wikimedia Commons/Jeffrey Beall

The reality is that Tebow never became the franchise quarterback many of his fans believed he could be in the NFL, and considering that he lasted all of three seasons in the league after being taken in the first round, his pro football career was disappointing.

Still, football fans will always remember that magical 2011–12 campaign Tebow had with the Denver Broncos, when it seemed that he was coming up with game winners on a weekly basis.

For that season, Tebow led five game-winning drives, per Pro Football Reference, and who can ever forget when he connected with wide receiver Demaryius Thomas to win a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

4. Tebow remained humble even as opportunities for playing football dwindled

Tim Tebow exits the stadium following a November 2007 game | Wikimedia Commons/Jameskpoole

After that memorable 2011–12 season, Tebow was traded to the New York Jets and not long after that came the end of his NFL career.

Tebow struggled to recreate the magic of his 2011–12 season, and he found himself being passed over for more conventional quarterbacks who could execute from the pocket.

It didn't matter because despite losing opportunities, Tebow maintained his positive outlook and left every team that traded and released him with a smile on his face.

5. He remains committed to finding a career as a professional athlete

Tim Tebow bats for the Columbia Fireflies | Wikimedia Commons/slgckgc

Nobody would have blamed Tebow if he just stuck to hosting or analyzing football games after his NFL career ended, but it just wasn't in him to let go of his competitiveness.

In September of 2016, Tebow signed a Minor League deal with the New York Mets, and while some folks expected that this was going to be some kind of publicity stunt, he showed that it was anything but.

Tebow has accepted assignments to the Mets' different Minor League affiliates, and currently, he's with the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, and he just hit a three-run home run for the team recently.

6. Tebow is still trying to do all that he can to make it to the Major League

Tim Tebow with the New York Mets during a spring training game | Wikimedia Commons/Sports Spectrum

At 30-years-old, Tebow is not going to remain in his athletic prime for that much longer, and considering that he was a first-round NFL draft pick, he probably has enough money to live comfortably.

So why then is he still toiling in the Minor Leagues?

Tebow's still in the Minor Leagues because he does not want to let go of his dream of being a Major Leaguer, yet and that kind of persistence is admirable.

7. Tebow is an approachable athlete

Tim Tebow with rapper Starlito Hangs and DJ Logan Garrett | Wikimedia Commons/Logan Garrett

Athletes are public personalities, and sometimes, they can find all the attention difficult to deal with.

Tebow is one of the most recognizable athletes on the planet, and yet he's one of the more approachable ones, too. Tebow realizes how fortunate he has been in life and if he can take some time out to make a fan's day, then he does so.

8. Tebow may be famous, but he's still one of the boys

Tim Tebow chats with former fellow Florida Gator Reggie Nelson | Wikimedia Commons/Craig O'Neal

In almost every locker room he's in or has been in, Tebow is the biggest star, but just because he's more famous than everyone else, that doesn't mean he acts like he's above everyone else.

Tebow's teammates still have wonderful things to say about him, and that's a pretty good indicator that he really is someone who can be a leader of men while remaining one of the boys.

9. Tebow has never shied away from displaying his Christian faith

Tim Tebow prays ahead of the start of the second half of a 2012 game against the Kansas City Chiefs | Wikimedia Commons/Ed Clemente Photography

While still active as a football player, Tebow made a habit out of going down to one knee, bowing his head in prayer and staying in that position until he was finished. That habit of his eventually became known as "Tebowing."

The reason why "Tebowing" became a fad of sorts was that the man himself did it all the time. "Tebowing" was his way of taking some time out from the action to remember the real reason why he is here on this Earth and that is to glorify his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

10. Tebow has always been outspoken about his Christian faith

Tim Tebow at the White House back in 2009 | Wikimedia Commons/Executive Office of the President

As a Christian, Tebow understands that his greatest mission is to spread the loving word of the Lord, and he has done so diligently throughout his life.

Eventually, Tebow's football and baseball days will be behind him, but the one thing that will remain a constant in his life is his faith.

That level of devotion is something to behold and it's also the leading reason why he is so beloved by his fans.


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