Top 11 Horrible Foods You See at Church Potlucks

A church potluck loaded with ill-prepared, unhealthy food can be dangerous territory for any stomach and -ahem- waistline.

We all know that a church potluck is a gathering where each person may contribute a dish of food or drink. It's a time for Christians to fellowship with and love on one another. But there have been some "mistakes." Here are some of the dishes we've named as "the worst food seen or tasted" at a church potluck.

1. Rotel and Velveeta Dip

(Photo: Flickr)

We get it. It is very easy whip up this treat and bring it to church. After all, the directions on the back of the can! But at a whopping 1,136 calories per cup, this dish is described by many as an epic fail nutritionally.

2. Fried Chicken From the Drive In

(Photo: Flickr/nikilok

A bucket or box of fried chicken is a go-to item for people are busy and don't have time to cook. Sadly many who bring this "dish" wrongly assume that others will bring healthier foods that will balance this greasy treat.

3. Doughnuts

(Photo: Flickr/Sam Howzit)

This is an easy item for most churchgoers because it costs less than $10 for a dozen and you can find a doughnut shop on nearly any corner. However these puppies are loaded with refined sugars. Is that anyway to treat your pastor?

4. Macaroni Salad

(Photo: Flickr/Stu_spivack)

This mayonnaise-based food can be dangerous if not kept cold. Many a macaroni salad have gone bad because well-intentioned parishioners have let it sit out too long without refrigeration.

5. A Single Bottle of Wine

(Photo: Flickr/Jabney Hastings)

Bringing ONE bottle of a fancy wine to a church potluck is like bringing a chocolate cake that serves two.

6. Sugar-free Soda

(Photo: Flickr/woody1778a)

Finally! A low-calorie option we can all enjoy. However sugar-free sodas can be disgusting. Also they don't wipe away the calories in the fried drumstick you've just ingested.

7. Canned Cranberry Sauce

(Photo: Flickr/Mr.TinDC)

Some people think it is OK to bring canned cranberry sauce, since it is not the sort of thing you eat every day. However here's some useful info: For a 277 g of serving size, it has 418 g calories… That amount of calories is equal to an entire meal.

8. Corn Chips

(Photo: Flickr/Semarr)

It goes without saying that starchy processed food products like these are bad for the waistline …

9. Green bean casserole

(Photo: Flickr/Jasonlam)

The very sight of this ghastly casserole is enough to make some of church fellows sick.

10. Boiled Eggs

(Photo: Flickr/Puamelia)

Hard boiled eggs are the kind of a high protein, low cal. food moms store in their refrigerators and give their children in the morning before they go to school. Bringing this entree to a church potluck may feel like you are showing a mother's love but for some, boiled eggs screams "Sorry, I forgot I was supposed to bring something."

11. Hot dog buns

(Photo: Flickr/Mr.Bologna)

There is no worst experience than getting a hot dog or hamburger bun (spelling error?!) with nothing to go inside.

What foods are you tired of seeing at your church potluck?