Top 5 Inspirational TV Shows

We all need inspiration now and then, and where better to look than TV? Other than church… we all spend so much time watching TV, why don't we look to the good, positive, uplifting shows rather than spending our time watching junk? Here are just five shows to get you started and smiling.

Bulloch Family Ranch

"Bulloch Family Ranch" depicts the lives of Rusty and Julie Bulloch as they attempt to change teenagers' lives one at a time. They have offered their homes and hearts to over 25 young people as they grow and, at times, need a little help.

(Photo: YouTube)'Bulloch Family Ranch'

Undercover Boss

"Undercover Boss" gives bosses of large corporations the opportunities to change their employees' lives. While there may be a few bad seeds along the way, for the most part, the bosses meet unsung heroes.

(Photo: Facebook)'Undercover Boss'

Secret Millionaire

"Secret Millionaire" takes multi-millionaires out of their comfortable, lavish lifestyles and exposes them to environments and people they may never have known existed. They then have the opportunity to volunteer at local organizations and offer support beyond their wildest dreams.

(Photo: Facebook)'Secret Millionaire'

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is no longer filming but can still be seen in reruns. It shows the power of what a few people, and a community, can do when they come together to help others in need.

(Photo: Facebook)'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'

Duck Dynasty

"Duck Dynasty" may not be the most glamorous TV show, but it has a lot of heart and faith to keep everyone inspired.

(Photo: Facebook)'Duck Dynasty'

Happy viewing!