Top 5 Smartphones of 2012

Smartphone makers in 2012 introduced the world to a new breed of handsets which made HD screens the industry standard and ushered in the quad-core chip era.

Companies such as Apple and Samsung dominated the year with their line-up and flagship devices, but other smartphone manufacturers also had some impressive offerings that didn't fare as well in the sales department.

Here are The Christian Post's top 5 smartphones of 2012.

5: HTC One X

The HTC One X was the first smartphone released with a quad-core processor in 2012 and also sported a beautiful display with Beats Audio included. In terms of photo quality, the One X had one of the finest cameras in the market. During our time with the One X, we enjoyed the crispness of the photos taken with the device and had no issues with lagging while navigating through its user interface. It happens to be a great phone and ushered in this year's era of smartphones quietly.

4: LG Nexus 4

The LG Nexus 4 is the 2012 version of the Galaxy Nexus. However, it is much faster than its Samsung predecessor and comes with a beautiful crystal clear display. It's speed surpasses that of the Galaxy S3 and, if given more time with the device, it could have been placed even higher on this list. It is nearly impossible to find at retailers and comes unlocked automatically. It is also not as bulky as some of Samsung's devices. With its reasonable price tag and high-end features, the Nexus 4 was one of the finest smartphones of 2012. It's only issue: it cannot freely connect to LTE networks.

3: iPhone 5

This list is clearly not for Apple enthusiasts, and the release of the iPhone 5 was a bit underwhelming to Android fans. Apple failed to woo those who already committed to the competition with its smaller 4-inch screen. However, Apple still put out a quality LTE device that is quick and efficient. That fact cannot be denied.

The iPhone 5 also possesses what could be the finest smartphone camera on the market. Still, this handset could have been better, given the time Apple took to release it. Even though it sold more than the competition in many markets, many have pointed to the brand loyalty of Apple consumers- many are repeat customers.

2: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

It's not quite a smartphone or a tablet. It's more of a smartphone than a tablet and the quad-core powered Galaxy Note 2 blows most of the competition out of the water. The device's 5.5-inch HD display rivals just about any handset on the market, and its multi-window feature turns it into a small computer. The Galaxy Note 2 would be number one on the list if sales weren't taken into account. Samsung innovated with the original Note and took it a step further with the successor. The only issue with the phablet: Samsung could have done more to make the S Pen accessory more useful.

1: Samsung Galaxy S3

In 2012, Samsung dominated the smartphone market and beat Apple to the punch with its fast-selling Galaxy S3. One of the most popular devices on the internet, the Galaxy S3 launched in the Spring of 2012 and even converted some hardcore Apple lovers. Samsung's marketing campaign aimed at Apple inspired other companies such as Motorola to do the same.

The Galaxy S3 sports a quad-core processor in most markets and is the highest seller in them as well. However, Apple's iPhone 5 took that spot back during the past few months in the U.S. The 4.8-inch HD display on the Galaxy S3 is beautiful and great for gaming. Every major U.S. carrier also started to offer the Galaxy S3 on this go round due to the success of its predecessor. There is little to be said about what Samsung did wrong with this release, but it will definitely be hard for the company to raise the bar with its next smartphone.