Top Christian Artists Hop on for Youth Reality Show

A reality show that features some of the nation's top Christian artists, including Krystal Meyers and Hawk Nelson, will make its series premiere Friday.

"Revolve: Rockin' The Road" follows the cast and crew of The Revolve Tour as they travel the country, hitting cities with weekend events geared toward teen girls and talking to teens along the way about tough topics like dating, tattoos and everyday challenges.

"With the success of unscripted drama reality shows like The Hills and Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it's clear that television viewers connect with real life dramatic-in-nature programming," commented Brad Siegel, vice chairman of Gospel Music Channel.

"We wanted to create a show that was unique and aligned with our network's vision of inspiring, uplifting and entertaining through music," he added in a public announcement. "Revolve: Rockin' The Road does all those things and more and gives our young viewers a cast they can relate to and music they love."

"Revolve" will be Gospel Music Channel's first-ever unscripted reality drama series and takes viewers on a unique, behind-the-scenes journey with four team members of The Revolve Tour, the popular traveling tour for teen girls produced by North America's largest women's conference, Women of Faith.

For four weeks, the four friends – two guys and two gals – trek across America with an agenda to connect with teen girls and spark interest in "The Revolve Tour: All Access" that kicked off Sept. 12.

As the foursome travel to nine different Christian music festivals across the country, "Revolve" captures their collective quest to maintain spiritual peace and discipline amid logistical challenges, self goals, and inevitable relationship struggles.

In the first episode of the five-episode series, the two members engage in an interesting conversation about tattoos and piercings with Christian rocker Krystal Meyers, who joins the group for the series premiere.

Also hopping on the bus for the first episode will be Hawk Nelson, Group 1 Crew and Ayiesha Woods. The foursome also meets up with Natalie Grant at a Revolve "All Access" event.

The series premiere will air Friday at 11 p.m. ET and again on Saturday at 11 p.m. Each episode after the first will also be aired in the weeks to follow at the same dates and times.

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