'Top Model' Replacement Judges Named: Can They Fill Originals' Shoes?

"America's Next Top Model" has decided who its new judges will be, and the winners are: Kelly Cutrone, Rob Evans, and Johnny Wujek. Who are these three, and will they be able to fill the shoes left by Nigel Barker, Miss Jay Alexander and Jay Manuel?

Many may already know Kelly Cutrone, who is the founder of People's Revolution, and has appeared on the series "The Hills" as Lauren Conrad's tough-as-nails boss. She is known for her quick wit and, at times, brutal honesty. Cutrone is currently under scrutiny for firing an assistant who had stolen money from her and publicly tweeting about the situation.

"One of my old assistants is getting arrested this week for grand larceny-stealing money from People's-cannot wait-revenge is sweet," she tweeted. She then used the assistant's Twitter name to tell the world who it was before adding, "You better run 'cause you are going down CLOWN."

Rob Evans is a model and boxer who has appeared in Madonna's "Girls Gone Wild" music video. According to Models.com, he is ranked 17th out of the 50 top male models. He is already being compared to former judge Nigel Barker, as Evans is Irish, while Barker is British.

Johnny Wujek will serve as the new stylist for the series. His credentials include styling the likes of Katy Perry. Jay Manuel previously served as stylist and mentor to the contestants while they were on photo shoots. It is unclear whether Wujek will fill the role of mentor or stay behind-the-scenes as the ladies' stylist.

Other big news for the show, which is currently in cycle 18 is that the series is moving to Friday nights. Is it an indicator that the show is losing its popularity? And that's not all…Tyra has announced, "Cycle 19's judging panel will include your notes, comments, and video messages. You will have a say in which models stay…and who goes home."

Voting for the newest contestants will begin on May 24, 2012. "It's time for your voice to be heard," Banks posted on Facebook. "Today on social media and soon on the show itself! Your input will shape the competition and you'll be able to see it play out in the fall."

It seems as though Banks knows her fans would be upset with the judging changes, as the Jays and Nigel were beloved on the series. Could it be that she is trying to improve the relationship with fans by making them feel empowered?

"I know [you] get mad when we send girls home on ANTM," Banks tweeted. "So get ur (your) judging smize on bc for Cycle 19, you help make the choices!"