Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Denies Smoking Crack on Video

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been caught up in allegations that he was caught on videotape smoking crack cocaine, but the controversial mayor is maintaining is innocence.

"Absolutely not true," Ford said outside his home on Friday morning, according to CBC. "It's ridiculous. It's another Toronto Star whatever."

As reports began gaining traction, Ford emerged from his office at city hall later Friday afternoon to issue a brief statement.

"Anyways, like I said this morning, these allegations are ridiculous, it's another story with respect to the Toronto Star going after me," Ford said. "And that's all I've got to say for now."

There have been other reports that a video obtained by the Toronto Star and after being reviewed by the editorial staff said the video showed the mayor smoking from a device that resembles a crack pipe.

"I don't know whether or not such a video exists, but I think it would be fair for the public to see such a video and make their own conclusions," Dennis Morris, Rob Ford's attorney, said in a statement.

City Councilman Adam Vaughan said this is not the first distraction for the mayor.

"He's a bad mayor because he makes bad decisions … he doesn't have a coherent set of policies," Vaughan, told CBC.

Another city councilman said that the mayor should address this immediately to prevent further distractions at City Hall. He referred to the allegations as "obviously shocking and kind of salacious stuff."

"There have been so many distractions, and it kind of seems to be ongoing," city councilman Josh Colle told Metro Morning during an interview. "You're kind of almost nervous to turn on your radio or TV to see what the next news story's going to be. It's not healthy for the city, that's for sure."